What is pneumatics engine a replacement?

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1, sensor: Temperature sensor, pressure sensor.

2, controller: The computer board, relay board, box of box of PLC controller, Control Panel, operation face plate.

3, valve: ? Does Piao of flesh of dew of ⑽ of А of Ou Ou of ⑴ of А of  of  of ⑵ of А of  of  of ⑿ of А of Europe of stitch the sole to the upper taste Piao of flesh of dew of ⑽ of offspringing А of А ⑷ flesh to taste Ρ of buy of ⒀ of А of Shen of health Gu of naphthalene of ⑷ of А of  of А ⒈ soil does  of А of Shen of oxime of ⑷ of 3 location А walk?

4, filter and oily: ? Is palm   like ⒂ of a huge legendary turtle to spit the ⒂ that be like a huge legendary turtle to pull Nai of lowing ⒐ of  of float ⑷ gourd ladle to bar  is like a huge legendary turtle?

5, maintain a bag: A powerful person of maintenance of bag of maintenance of a powerful person of lead plane, discharging, pressure, rotary valve coming back, lukewarm maintenance charging a powerful person is wrapped.

6, cooling: Fan, radiator, heat exchanger, oily condenser, aftercooler.

7, start dish: Contactor, hot protection, retrorse protector, electrical wiring, relay, transformer.

Safeguard and change is pneumatics machine commonly used the method of accessory?

1, filter

The inhaler is to filter the one part of air dust and bilge. The clean air after filtering enters bolt rotor to compress antrum. If the inhaler jams with attaint, be more than the grain that allows measure to enter bolt loop, can shorten greatly not only the service life of oily core. The service life of oily small detached core still can make a large number of grain enter bearing hole directly, quicken bearing to wear away, add rotor space, reduce reduce efficiency, make rotor is bitten foolishly. Even rotor also was bitten.

2, filter

After moving 500 hours for the first time, new machine must change oily core, rotate with special spanner oily filter is cleared. Screw oil had better be placed after new core. With oil purifier of both hands roll, screw forcibly oil purifier is sealed. Suggest every 1500-2000 hour changes a new oil purifier.

3, segregator

Oil gas segregator is detached lube is mixed compress airy one part. When moving normally, the service life of oil gas segregator is 3000 hours about, but the quality of lube and air filter precision has very big effect to service life. Accordingly, below harsh use environment, must shorten the maintenance of the inhaler and change periodic, consider the inhaler before installation even. When oil gas segregator expires or around pressing difference exceeds 0.12mpa, must change. Otherwise, electric machinery may overload, oil gas segregator can damage, make oil moves.