Pneumatics machine regards all trades and professions as necessary workshop pneumatic tool, very much little knowledge doesn’t everybody know? Small now abstruse will share cough up ~

1: Component of screw pneumatics aircraft is: Have oil with what do not have oil, do not have what dry type divides to lubricate without oil and water inside oil.

Pneumatics machine PK: Dry type relies on an entrance, the price is high, it maintains with the pneumatics machine later period that has oil is to should change oily, different is the can be an entrance only silicone oil with dry more slippery type, its price need not say the later period that ~ home has oil maintains decide according to the machine, the estimation that hits example 55kw maintains cost price is in 2000 or so cough up, the key is to give you to maintain used what is oily!

Of course, empty press does not change these oily cough up, because he presses a root to do not have oily participation, maintain only available also filter and water filter just, cost, the word of former plant is controlled with respect to hundreds of yuan actually.

2: What does confidential of pneumatics of oily to choosing to have screw notice?

Not tall to aeriform demand workshop, the choice has oily pneumatics opportunity enough, cost is a lot of a lot of a lot of lower than having oil! But you should miss opportunity of pneumatics having oil known place

  • The means that start divides: Labour frequency, frequency conversion, permanent magnetism frequency conversion
  • Frequency conversion and permanent magnetism frequency conversion are in possible unifinication can choose to assemble a machine below the circumstance, receive report to be able to be used so.
  • Be versed in frequency does not choose as far as possible, send out to you entirely in the process that thinks economic cost can be used in you.
  • Install do not anxious to get things on the cheap, conduit, the must listen to a master professional opinion of fittings what, be not worth to moment tolerance otherwise, what does not have method cough up

3: How can you buy cheap empty press?

  • Oneself seek manufacturer inquiry, of aftertreatment what look for him manufacturer to match! Of course, many bits of time and energy `
  • Oneself look for pneumatics aircraft manufacturer, let them match! Generally speaking the manufacturer of form a complete set that pneumatics engine plant has him to cooperate, the price is more substantial than agency, key of pneumatics aircraft manufacturer sells pneumatics machine namely, other is conveniently, also do not worry to be earned so a lot of, do not earn one minute impossibly also of course, if want others,one does not earn, you or him height go inquiry case ~
  • Pneumatics machine says petty gain is not cheap also, say expensive not expensive also, anyway in front bought pneumatics machine is cheap, after the carry out from the back expensive, anyway in any case is long-term cooperation. Still person of map petty gain changes fittings, thinking to have petty gain really to the person that does not know is not actually, this plays pneumatics machine meaning is true is a minute of money a minute goods!
  • Pneumatics machine here had better be can direct go buying with manufacturer, early days is likely the price follows tripartite about the same, do not think the tripartite after carry out is in place more convenient, after making work actually, also may be offer by manufacturer, the price! Oneself guess cough up ~

Finally, purchase pneumatics machine or to look for familiar friend, the manufacturer that perhaps knows, no matter be agency or manufacturer,also want the life actually, if want to look for low low low every day, the proposal is OK oneself buy fittings to assemble for private use!