How is small-sized pneumatics machine chosen? Compressor of air of screw engine style which brand is good? Machine of frequency conversion pneumatics which brand quality is good? Where is manufacturer of professional air compressor? When you preparation purchases aircraft of a pneumatics when, whether such and such problem circles in the brain in you, small today graceful will be solved for you, why a lot of clients select engine of De Man pneumatics in brand of numerous pneumatics machine. Because machine of De Man pneumatics is implementing 10 old standards all the time, this is De Man alone door secret recipe.

QiAir Compressor in China
One, protect 10 years character

De Man is energy-saving pneumatics machine, character pursuit does not have breakdown 10 years, break free from conventions, develop a school of one’s own, commitment is overall protect 10 years character, provide security 10 years for the user, energy-saving 10 years, save worry the safeguard of 10 years that use gas!

2, can effect is first

We know very well pneumatics machine is electric tiger, occupy user production to use phone commonly 30% the left and right sides. Pursuit is so energy-saving it is the life meaning with our altruistic conscience. 2017-2020 has the honor to win labour 4 years to believe a ministry continuously ” can the star of effect ” , excel country one class can effect industry is banner.

3, depart does not have oil

Be an user to create clean production is our mission, what accordingly we seek pneumatics opportunity is initiative vent one’s anger oil content control is in do not be more than 2PPM (2/1000000) , the clean production that is an user offers a condition, promote user product quality and production efficiency.

4, maintain constant temperature

To achieve constant effect energy-saving, must ensure pneumatics machine constant temperature moves above all. For this, de Man is energy-saving series all magnifies whole system safe surplus, pursuit system loss is the smallest change, ensure aircrew still maintains below environment of 45~50 ℃ high temperature move in 85 ℃ constant temperature, implementation is the biggest the effect that change constant is energy-saving.

5, control is safe

A machine is high grade, pilot technology content is self-evident. Energy-saving series is De Man the security that achieves aircrew, energy-saving, intelligence, use Xi Menzi the frequency conversion that connector of Ni Kesi of electric, humble, De Man invents patent controls a system, design independence is electronic-controlled box and independent platoon heat up a passageway, installed more perfect each system protection, and ” De Manyun ” long-range wisdom canal controls a system.

6, safeguard more brief

A machine is good, among them one it is handy and easy to measure a standard importantly to be safeguarded namely, if this is nodded very much flexibly, we think is rejected product. Machine taste 7 minutes, safeguard 3 minutes, the maintenance that has done not have the loss of its efficiency is very considerable.

Attention: Drop than power 0.2KW/m3/min (kilowatt / cubic / minute) , be equal to the purchase price that wasted opportunity of a pneumatics 10 years.

7, assemble faster

Outfit of pursuit pneumatics aircrew has 2 senses more quickly:

1. is arranged on behalf of design construction, assemble craft to arrange, the component dimension essence, craft that prevent a fault employee mastery of a skill or technique is good, good wait for advanced productivity;

It is easier that 2. proves to assemble aircrew to be safeguarded relatively, more the save trouble when the province.

8, with makings fine

The function that should make aircrew implementation outstanding and safeguard, we are in the component with the perfect pursuit on the design hard from beginning to end, court unit not only so more safety and more energy-saving, also go after cost optimization at the same time.

9, prevent ooze oil

Oily phenomena of a lot of ooze of brand pneumatics machine are very common. Aircrew leakage oil is small look extremely fat to aircrew interior, come greatly accident of generation spontaneous combustion, cause serious consequence to the user. Actually leakage oil is arise by the problem of many levels: If standard of qualitative, craft spends material, cooperate to be spent freely, sealed problem. We are pursuit not ooze is oily, accomplished effective safeguard in each link.

10, German feeling view

Immanent character is main, explicit feeling outlook is fundamental also. All outstanding products on the world the first can leave good impression to the person, produce the desire that has immediately even. Our De Man has two meanings, the first meaning: “Heart ” it is to have moral character, “Graceful ” the meaning that is a person, joining our De Man’s person is virtuous person; The 2nd meaning: De Man meaning is German day ear graceful, we in order to learn drive of German Teutonic industry, production De Man is outstanding product, a flock of people, all one’s life, the brand that a client likes make it.

QiAir Compressor in China

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