Everybody knows: First no matter different of formal pneumatics machine efficient stand or fall, only station discharges the empty press of the quantity greatly, the empty press that wants than a few small amount is in integral power energy resources is efficient on had answered. No matter the empty press of all types all is some respective characteristics,this also is.

Consequently, with power energy resources efficient the oldest standard that for core the point selects pneumatics engine is to carry do not choose greatly small.

But will think from a lot of respects, choose large and medium-sized the harm that pneumatics machine also suffers following account:

The demarcate of power supply system

What need to consider first most is power source voltage of application, low-pressure system software (general 380V~460V) not quite likely application exceeds the pneumatics opportunity over 315kW. Take second place is sure to consider large and medium-sized when pneumatics machine is being started, the wallop of power network bears force is enough.

With the harm that tolerance rises and fall.

Accompanying season, the metabolic amount that time difference or other reason cause air to compress exceeds some category (look model and decide) , air of specific perhaps application is compressed probable far be less than before buying pneumatics machine when calculating a value, every pneumatics machine may do not have what the law prevents to produce eduction or be uninstalled and bring about power energy resources to use up.

Machine of a few pneumatics has the change that extends a gender to accept use amount greatly quite.

The safety factor of natural gas.

Appear unusual jump to stop or close indispensibly machine it is production makes discontinuous potential affect, to reduce the risk sex with discontinuous cost better be forced to do reserves considering set machine, the equipment probability that application runs every can be achieved 50% (use one equipment) , the project invests cost cost to be able to be not admitted probably with the client.

All air compresses systematic software to be able to make sure best power energy resources is efficient, the cubage big hour that selecting pneumatics engine is very crucial.

How choosing moderate pneumatics machine volume is not a concise thing, the respect of its drag in is very widespread, list several following basic standard:

① sets as far as possible pneumatic the manufacturing business of machine equipment gives serve as with tolerance and quantity of air consumption change analyse the ground that chooses pneumatics machine cubage. Supplier of machine of pneumatics of general client regulation comes likelihood some kind pneumatic of machine equipment with tolerance, this is the course of action of attend to trifles and neglect the essentials certainly.

If ② has periodic, time difference or other essential factor can endanger the influence that uses tolerance to also need in detail assess exemple to lift, the appearance that pneumatics machine supplier or professional can seek when needing matchs be on guard measure.

The innovation sex to plant area does ③ to consider overally, respective exemple is lifted recently, in later period, the likelihood that long-term financing plans uses air feed to measure.

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④ not type of unremitting pneumatics aircraft, form, cubage is sure to agree and make spare parts has the consciousness that tolerancepublic errand cooperates. In the category that transforms with tolerance very big case falls, choose big, the air of give attention to two or morethings of machine of minor volume pneumatics compresses systematic software to be able to be brought have the scope of force of meet an emergency that extends a gender more. Natural conference appears unexpected energy-saving environmental protection is effective the effect.

The small empty press of the empty press that ⑤ provides many large space and half volume, if apply 3~5,the air of pneumatics machine compresses systematic software over the stage, need to choose to operate reasonably carefully only method and outfield configuration, OK and beardless considering big, the hardware with compatible machine of minor volume pneumatics configures difficult problem, prevent engine of minor volume pneumatics by unused unused very possible.

Different domain, the air of the processing factory compresses applied characteristic to have partly respectively different difference, choose pneumatics machine cubage to have consequently quite the pluralism of degree, be not resemble adding a furniture so simple. This issue passes the cost cost that the project invests, the cost of cost of power energy resources that always invests much is held after amid is included, carry dimension manages cost cost to wait,

Want to choose the cubage of pneumatics machine well and truly, had better be accredit commends technical major company beforehand, personnel begins specific assess, make a plan (be not with respect to quote is expressed) .