Problem of trouble of engine of the pneumatics that do not have oil is various, but generally speaking, 4 problems are most common under: The environment is ventilated medicinal powder adhesive plaster of undesirable, fan ruptures or flabby, exhaust controls hot state force is exorbitant and oil gas segregator filter core is too dirty. These issues are opposite possibly those who do not have oily pneumatics machine is normal move cause an effect, accordingly, the likelihood that we need to understand each problem deep reason and solution.

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| Want to lengthen a few important step of the service life of machine of the pneumatics that do not have oil and note

Above all, after machine of the pneumatics that do not have oil used period of time, need has detailed examination according to formulary program. When closing facility, need according to shut a program normally to undertake, lower rotate speed very low rate gradually. In the meantime, want to open valve of exhaust spur track completely, close exhaust valve completely. After shutting drive engine, equipment meets the air compressor that should affirm whole set to stop automatically gradually. Those who need an attention is, the cooling water cannot stop inside 30 minutes supply after equipment stops. Next, after finishing equipment of aircraft of the pneumatics that do not have oil to operate, want to notice to examine the cut case of each administrative levels, include cut with cut body between cooperate. If discovery is cut into parts piece on have flaw, should undertake in time changing with spare parts this. Outside, check each level air cylinder even before the circumstance such as the attrition force of face of lens of lid, air cylinder, if discover attrition trace, want to find out a reason. In the meantime, the attrition circumstance of the horizontal slide that should check airframe slideway and attrition face, tear open next connecting rod are big lining and crosshead to sell undertake checking. If send existing pine to change a condition, want to undertake in time fixed. In addition, still need to notice observation and judgement motion component is agile. Can the hand moves rotational flywheel, make do not have idling of oily pneumatics machine twice or 3, produce the situation such as paperboard or collision in case. Finally, the quality that should value lubricating oil of pair of engine of the pneumatics that do not have oil undertakes checking, change in time the lube in airframe. In machine of the pneumatics that do not have oil the first time after moving, as a result of the spare parts adjust the clean function with lube, many metallic fine pink can enter lube in. Accordingly, all lube should change after moving 24 hours. After moving 200 hours, change again engine oil. After changing twice, safeguard a requirement to change according to convention please engine oil.

Those who pass above measure and note is meticulous carry out, prolong the service life of machine of the pneumatics that do not have oil effectively.

QiAir Compressor in China
| Press the main part care and maintenance of machine without glib style sky:

  1. Reach in maintenance change when each component, ensure the pressure inside system of engine of pneumatics of the type that do not have oil is released already completely please, separate completely with other pressure source, the switch on main circuit has disconnected, already had made the safe label that prevents to close gate

  2. Of compressor refrigeration lube change time depends on whether is there gas of soda acid sex in use environment, humidity, dust and air. New aircraft of purchased pneumatics of the Jing Yin that do not have oil must change after moving the 1st times 500 hours new oil, later according to normal oil change cycle every 4000 hours change, year run the machine that is not worth 4000 hours to should change every year.

  3. After oily filter is driving hour of accident travel 300-500 for the first time, must change, change the 2nd times after using 2000 hours, later criterion according to change normally time changes 2000 hours every.

  4. Reach in maintenance change inhaler or when a powerful person that take energy of life, want special attention to prevent any sundry fall into compressor leader speech inside. Need to close lead plane entrance when the operation, after the operation completes, want to turn by lead plane with the hand direction rotates several rounds, ensure without any block up, ability switchs on the mobile phone.

  5. Suggest the degree of tightness that in the machine every run 2000 hours or so to check leather belt is spent, if leather belt slants,loosen, need to undertake adjustment, till till leather belt Zhang Jin. At the same time to protect leather belt, need to prevent to leather belt is polluted because of getting oil and discard as useless in whole process.

  6. Every time when oil change, change at the same time please oily filter.

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