Pneumatics machine, namely air compressor. It is prime mover (it is electromotor normally) mechanical energy is changed into aeriform pressure can device, it is to compress airy atmospheric pressure to produce device.

Actually, the electric energy that air compressor wastes is only 10% changeover are compress air, and heat energy of 90% translate into. However the factory compresses air to divulge a quantity on average 20 ~ 30% , all pneumatic tools, tube, connect, valve, the alveolus of millimeter of a 1 square, below 7bar pressure, a year of similar loss 4000 yuan. This is a very serious problem, how should be solved so?

Administer measure:

● pressing falls processing, pipeline creates pressure list each paragraphs, exit of general pneumatics machine uses a site to the factory, pressure fall cannot exceed 1bar, strict is not to exceed 10% even namely 0.7bar, cold dry machine filters paragraph pressure fall general 0.2bar, check you in detail each paragraphs are pressed fall, the tubal net that has a problem paragraph machine is seasonable the examination is safeguarded.

● evaluates the pressure demand of the equipment that use gas carefully, move pressure of exhaust of low altitude press as far as possible below the circumstance that assures production, the air cylinder of the very much equipment that use gas wants 3 ~ 4bar only, the ability of what wants a few manipulator 6bar above. Pressure every are low 1bar, energy-saving about 7 ~ 10% .

● factory arranges annular canal network as far as possible, use baric power at each o’clock evenly.

Amount of ● pneumatics machine is little, can use air of a frequency conversion pressure regulating, if on the amount 4, 5, can pass reasonable parameter completely setting, reasonable size is configured and in front mentioned method achieves very good energy-saving result

● pneumatics machine centers linkage to control, the pressure of exhaust of type of a flight of stairs that when avoiding parameter of machine of much stage pneumatics to install, creates rises

● as far as possible idea drops empty press inlet temperature, because of temperature of interior of general pneumatics station prep above outdoor, can consider the ability outdoor to rise

● improves the cooling result of cooling water, drop cooling water temperature as far as possible, especially summer

● does fine installation to safeguard, clean, increase pneumatics machine to come loose hot effect, water-cooling, air is cold the commutative result that waits for heat exchanger, keep oleaginous.

Pneumatics machine is energy-saving technology

One, pneumatics machine centralizes control

QiAir Compressor in China

Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims

Pneumatics machine heat energy reclaims is the energy-saving means of a special environmental protection

Heat energy reclaims unit work principle: The high temperature oil of pneumatics machine delivers quantity of heat in cooling water through heat exchanger, in pail of heat preservation lay aside flowing after cooling water is heated, can achieve the goal that heat energy reclaims so.

Heat energy reclaims the condition of implementation:

After the heat energy of pneumatics machine reclaims, temperature giving water is controallable in 40 ℃ ~ inside 75 ℃ limits

At the same time oily Wen Yingbao holds 75 ~ 95 ℃ , it is ideal temperature is between 90 ℃ of 80 ~ , so tall oil is lukewarm to heat cooling water offerred reliable condition to 75 ℃ .

Heat energy uses:

The water when temperature is inferior can be used at the life respect of employee, if rush cool;

The water when temperature is higher can be used heat at product line craft with water.

Use more than heat to reclaim the quantity of heat of cooling water also reduces cooling tower to come loose at the same time the bear of sirocco machine.

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