2, Blade type compressor, its are main component organism. Rotor and blade, because its structure is simple, production, make, safeguard convenient and quick, also be a kind of very popular empty press.

3, screw type compressor can divide compressor of type of the screw that it is sheet and compressor of double screw type, its biggest advantage is to do not have fragile, the operation is not random reliable, normal service life is very long.

4, vortex compressor, see a picture, we can see it is very small, although it is very small, its work efficiency is OK and pretty good, moving stability, it has the biggest advantage, without noise, working environment is very quiet, also be called so ” exceed static compressor ” .

5, centrifugal compressor, centrifugal compressor is compressor of a kind of high-power, compare with afore-mentioned compressor photographs, its use frequency and range slightly small, but its ability nots allow to ignore, cover an area of a face to accumulate very small, tolerance big, compress gas to also won’t be polluted.