The class of screw pneumatics machine is mixed for us today price difference, the hope can give through this article want to purchase pneumatics aircraft you are trifling help.

Doorsill of production of screw pneumatics engine is not low, belong to a country to produce permissive industry compulsively (already cancelled 2019) , manufacturer home must have requirement of all ready hard, software (basic hardware includes: Instrument of the manufacturing environment that accords with a requirement, test environment, equipment is waited a moment;

QiAir Compressor in China

(4) the miniature business that just began to pursue screw pneumatics opportunity, because enter the market later, brand effect is as similar as the product that stick a card all do not have an advantage, the product is eager to entering market sale, also be the main reason of price lowest.

(5) the person that the machine of pneumatics of the 4th archives of lowest of this kind of quote quotes, because above is a lot of element (the brand is not him, configuration is reduced, low without superintendency cost, labor cost, without long-term market consciousness) , its manage and the integrated cost such as material has very large dominant position, consequently competitive quote always is lowest person, price of machine of pneumatics of general distance first gear makes an appointment with low 40%-45% , price of machine of pneumatics of distance second gear makes an appointment with low 15%-20% to control. This kind of product suits only short-term or the user that uses gas temporarily, product quality does not have any safeguard.

Screw pneumatics machine divides so much class, is that after all is picking high price still low very good? Cannot treat as the same, the demand that sees an user and economic actual strength. But, no matter the price is high,be low, the quality of the product and security must assure.