Pneumatics machineIt is what need not say more, why can it be known as industrial a balm for treating headaches? Because it applies extensively at domain of industrial great majority.

QiAir Compressor in China

New capital construction, the new kinetic energy of pneumatics machine

The high quality of Chinese economy expands the development that calling new capital construction. Among them, highway construction makes indispensable component. Lay in freeway pipeline high speed cable uses pneumatics machine with respect to need, enrage namely blow apply to try. Gas blows apply to try to be able to use mature conduit resource effectively, save cost of many engineering construction, and can attemper to grow the production that loses conduit, logistics of rush to repair of line of administration, make one’s rounds, life provide a variety of communication professional work, open the video business such as long-range monitoring and conference TV, the number that is conduit SCADA system at the same time offers reliable channel according to transmitting, offer communication to prop up to digitlize conduit.

Advanced make, character is done by pneumatics machine advocate

Laser cut craft cannot leave auxiliary gas, or oxygen or nitrogen or argon are enraged or compress air. Compress air by what pneumatics opportunity arises, nitrogen of cut speed prep above, oxygen of cut character prep above, use for a long time, very managing cost.

Besides, laser cut also is highlighted stage by stage in the importance of automobile industry, basically include flat plate cut, three-dimensional cut. Flat plate cut applies limits to include: Frame of door of automobile body of car component, car, car, car is mothball each respects such as coping of vehicle of box, car.

Clean a travel, pneumatics machine aids force fuel cell to develop

Fuel cell car develops one of technical way as car of new energy resources, be taken seriously all the time by each country. If human body of assimilate to of fuel cell system, pneumatics machine is be worthy of ” lung ” , and electric caboodle can be regarded ” heart ” . The clean headroom that pneumatics machine is in charge of carrying specific pressure and discharge for electric caboodle in fuel cell system is angry, reaction of the crowd that it is report supplies indispensible oxygen, it is fuel cell system outside the caboodle that divide report most the component of core.