Air compressor, it is the main body in gas source device, it is prime mover (it is electromotor normally) mechanical energy is changed into aeriform pressure can device, it is to compress airy atmospheric pressure to produce device. The basic standard that selects pneumatics engine is economy, dependability and security. Want to consider to discharge size of the discretion of baric force, capacity next, wait with the circumstance that use gas and condition, it is pneumatics machine below rank of 10 old brands, in order to offer reference of choose and buy.

QiAir Compressor in China

1, Atelasi popular science stalks or branch (abbreviation AC)

The group that cross a state, headquarters is in Sweden, company of pneumatics engine production is its subordinate only a group. As a result of old buy ceaselessly, AC can produce multiform empty press almost, enjoy great reputation quite. Actual strength the biggest, product is the widest, mechanism of the first screw makes trade. Without oily machine and centrifugal nobody can be compared, the market is had rate is old. There are many plants in the whole world, also set a shop without stannum in China. The largest dominant position depends on famous degree, can adopt inferior position of quick price; to depend on serving character to main item poorer, service cost is high, the attention to subentry is not much at the same time.

2, Yinggesuolan (abbreviation IR)

Be in the company of machine of screw of Chinese joint-stock production the earliest, held water at Shanghai 1987. Make project machine and refrigeration machine make one’s fortune, the market is had rate be next to Atelasi. IR is in China most the product of gain is machine of centrifugal type pneumatics. The product of another gain is machine of movable type pneumatics, this product is applied extensively in Chinese home. Basically pass a branch to sell in China, in the whole nation each are main the city sets a branch, wait like Beijing, Shenyang, Qingdao, Wuhan, 3 gorge, Guangzhou, Shanghai, undertake selling through distribute agent in other area. The advantage remains his famous degree, inferior position depends on having two sales system, unite very hard.

3, American life power (Sullair)

A large aviation of American (war industry) the subordinate company of the enterprise, the machine is good of course. Main product is type of screw having oil and movable type, its movable type in recent years main and homebred change, will increase its market share. Life power company basically carries agential sale, latter its agent amount increases greatly, there is the outstanding achievement that comparative in the industry such as spin, car. Main advantage body already set a shop in Chinese home now, its are big the price of horsepower product is cheaper. Product movement is reliable, life is long.

4, triumphant scatter

The pneumatics mechanism with the biggest Germany makes trade, productivity is strong, high reputation is enjoyed in Europe. The product is mixed with efficiency of crackajack dependability, energy, cost efficiency safeguard easily for the feature, all these diagnostic help Kaeser accomplished his lead position. Home does not have a factory. The branch was established in Chinese Shanghai, there is an agent in Shenzhen, sale network had be notted build in the whole nation. The advantage is to be in Europe very famous, its price is competitive. Inferior position is not to produce the type that do not have oil, the network is diseased, innovation consciousness is not strong.

5, Kang Puai / Demage (abbreviation Compair)

British company, basically press in order to produce blade type air machine (≤ 50HP) and famed within course of study. In recent years, the Leroi of the branch of machine of screw type pneumatics that Compair bought German Demag in succession and United States is empty control aircraft company and become company of global pneumatics aircraft. The plant was established in Shanghai 1993, but at present its had be notted build in the nationwide sale network of Chinese home, reason did not have very big effect. The advantage depends on: Blade opportunity is inexpensive, screw machine also has variety of product of price advantage; all ready; is established in Chinese home have a plant. Inferior position depends on: Product quality is general the diseased; of; sale network is famous degree insufficient.

6, the United States offsprings on the west

Begin to devote oneself to to reduce air technology trade all the time from 1920, major is made and the air compressor with the most high quality sale reachs vavuum pump. The product applies extensively at global manufacturing industry, medical treatment and climate control system, reach any industries that need source of gas of use on the safe side. Independent elaborate design of You Kunxi company makes lead plane rotor, use the rotor that exceeds big diameter, machinery has higher reliability and wear.

7, Japanese god steel

Only then at going up at the beginning of the century, already had the long history of nearly hundred years up to now. Production gave the first high pressure of Japanese to use compressor of move back and forth 1915, rolled out compressor of air of the first screw of Japanese that do not have oil successfully to the market again 1956. Began sortie to produce centrifugal type compressor 1966, one of omnibus compressor manufacturer that become the world to go up to seldom count compressor of craft of type of piston of can own production, screw, centrifugal type and air compressor so far.

8, answer fill

Joint ventures, chinese home has 3 plants: Zhongshan, Shanghai, Beijing, in Chinese home already was famous spend very tall pneumatics mechanism to make trade. Through its the small piston chance with good quality opened Chinese market, agency spreads all over the whole nation, but the delegate that its screw machine still is cheap machine. The largest dominant position is low-cost, famous degree tall. Inferior position is quality poorer, mortality of great horse power machine is very tall.

9, case element (England)

Held water at British London 1871, main industry is war industry product, electron product, air system product, this group is by England Makeni and company of British BAC gas are incorporated at British BAE company, the company establishs delegate office at was in Chinese Shanghai 2002, popularize business of air system product, established storage center 2016, 11 million dollar invested to build a plant in area of Shanghai golden hill 2018, entering Chinese market is the latest, not system of engine of pneumatics of China of race to control first machine, range of products of empty press of fuel injection screw basically has BAE series, GS series to part two class, product type has energy-saving model machine of pneumatics of fuel injection screw, vavuum pump, derv is mobile pneumatics machine, medium management of energy of high-pressured pneumatics machine, centrifugal compressor, contract.

10, Bolaite (Sweden)

This company held water at Shanghai 1999 fine calm area (in harbor joint ventures) , was pulled especially by A 2006 this the group is wholy-owned buy, produced factory and Atelasi 2016 the factory is amalgamative remove to visit the town that do not have stannum to Jiangsu, core component lead plane by Atelasi popular science stalks or branch supply, other component majority also is pulled especially by A this popular science stalks or branch supply, compare Yuatelasi price of sex of popular science product stalking or branch is compared taller, defect is a product onefold, have product of machine of pneumatics of fuel injection screw only, cent of range of products is: Energy-saving pneumatics machine, TH adds machine of pneumatics of type of BLT an organic whole, BLT S acute pneumatics machine, energy-saving product (nimble can be conduit, energy-saving center control, energy to reclaim system) , air handles equipment.