Vavuum pump and air compressor are distinguished

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Air compressor 1, air compressor is the main body in gas source device, it is the mechanical energy of prime mover changeover becomes aeriform pressure can device, it is to compress airy atmospheric pressure to produce device. 2, the sort of air compressor is very much, …

Air compressor

1, air compressor is the main body in gas source device, it is the mechanical energy of prime mover changeover becomes aeriform pressure can device, it is to compress airy atmospheric pressure to produce device.

2, the sort of air compressor is very much, can divide by working principle for compressor of compressor of industry of cubage type compressor, centrifugal industry, piston.

1) the working principle of cubage type compressor is the volume that reduces gas, make the density of element of the gas inside unit volume increases to reduce airy pressure in order to rise;

2) the working principle of centrifugal type compressor is the athletic rate that raises aeriform member, the pressure of the gas of kinetic energy translate into that makes aeriform element is had can, carry high pressure to shrink thereby airy pressure.

3) the working principle of piston compressor is to compress gas directly, achieve the eduction after constant pressure when gas.

3, commonly used now air compressor has piston air compressor, compressor of screw type air, centrifugal type compressor and compressor of blade type air, vortex air compressor.

Relevant personage expresses, the selects system of main basis pneumatic actuating pressure of air compressor and discharge. The highest actuating pressure in enraging the actuating pressure of the source to should compare pneumatic system is high 20% the left and right sides, the edge Cheng loss that because want,considers air feed conduit and local loss. If the system is medium some actuating pressure requirement of some of place is inferior, can use pressure-relief valve to come air feed. The cent of rated exhaust pressure of air compressor is low pressure (0.7~1.0MPa) , middling pressure (1.0~10MPa) , high pressure (10~100MPa) with extrahigh voltage (100MPa above) , can choose according to effective demand. Common pressure is 0.7~1.25MPa commonly.

Vavuum pump

1, structure and principle

“Vacuum ” it is the gaseous space that shows pressure is less than 101.3kPa. Every can take out gas from inside container, the device that makes aeriform pressure is reduced, all can weigh vavuum pump. The commonly used vavuum pump inside control laboratory is vavuum pump of oil seal machinery, vacuum is spent it is 101~1Pa commonly. This kind of pump has the cylinder form stator of a steeliness, there is a prejudicial steeliness sincere cylinder to serve as rotor in stator, embed on rotor diameter have the blade that takes spring, when electric machinery drives rotor to turn, blade runs in columnar housing, make pump antrum lies between two area, its cubage expands periodicly and narrow. After will waiting for the aeriform container that smoke to receive the mouth taking energy of life in pump, when pump antrum space increases, inspiratory treat bleed form, as rotor roll, after gas is compressed from vent eduction. Rotor turns ceaselessly, inspiratory, compress, exhaust process repeats ceaselessly undertake, the gas inside container decreases ceaselessly, atmospheric pressure is reduced ceaselessly. Whole parts dip is in the box that contains lubricating oil, the vapour pressure of lube is very low, it rises lubricant, sealed use with cold movement.

2, use with the note

1) vavuum pump basically uses at the following respects in control laboratory:

A, vacuum is dry vavuum pump and sweatbox join, it is difficult that sample can issue the moisture in eliminate sample to reach in inferior temperature in vacuum sweatbox impurity of volatilizing high boiling point. Lest sample is decomposed below high temperature.

Liu of evaporate of B, vacuum namely Liu of decompression evaporate gold, can drop the boiling point of stock, make its undertake evaporate Liu below inferior temperature. Apply to the evaporate Liu of the organic matter that resolves easily below high temperature.

C, vacuum filtraction, expect especially to what be hard to filter, vacuum filtraction can be accelerated filter speed.

Other the test that still can be used at needing vacuumize.

2) use note:

Whether is the A, fluid aspect that the oil inside pump examines first before opening vavuum pump the graticule place of oily aperture. Oil is overmuch, splatter outwards by steam vent along with gas in the meeting when movement; Oil is insufficient, pump housing cannot be over complete immersion, short of is sealed with lubricant action, have damage to vavuum pump pump housing.

B, vavuum pump is driven by electromotor, when using, should make power source voltage and electromotor want the voltage correspondence that request. To three-phase electromotor, leather belt should get off first before power transmission, direction of examination electromotor roll whether conform to, do not make electromotor inverse, cause pump oil ejective. After the examination is over, join epithelial band again.

C, vavuum pump cannot be smoked directly can coagulate sexual steam. The temperature of electromotor should note when D, vavuum pump runs, cannot set temperature more than. Not due attrition and metallic clash. If have unusual, should stop machine ask professional person overhaul.

E, before stopping pump, after should making the mouth taking energy of life of pump knows atmosphere first again dump, in case pump oil is returned pressure enter bleed system. For this, one had better be received in place of the mouth that take energy of life 3 pistons, stop make 3 pistons are in before machine maintain a system to be in vacuum already, make pump housing knows atmospheric place again.

F, vavuum pump should clean the spun yarn network that manages into gas mouth regularly, lest solid little grain falls into pump inside, attaint pump housing. Machine of pneumatics of approach case wind hints: Vavuum pump uses half an year or after a year, must oil change.