In pneumatics machine quotation, classics regular meeting sees various parameter, tell these parameter are major to reflect to coming from personnel of course of study. And a few righter some parameter can understand some for the friend that had never contacted pneumatics machine is not however very understand. In the light of this kind of problem our specially arranged machine of a few pneumatics common parameter, in order to offer reference.

1, capacity also calls cubage the capacity, point to the aeriform cubage of the eduction inside unit time, cubage discharge unit is: M3/min (cubic / minute) or L/min (rise / minute) , 1m3 (cubic) =1000L (rise) this is the capacity in numerous parameter it is more important a parameter.

2, pressure, discharge baric force to be exterior pressure in what give out on compressor nameplate normally, be not absolutely pressure.

Unit of commonly used intensity of pressure: Bar, MPa, pneumatics machine industry says ” kilogram ” it is to point to ” Bar ” , namely 1 kilogram points to 1bar namely, 1MPa (million handkerchief) =1000kPa (1000 handkerchief) , 1bar (cling to) =0.1MPa. 3, 3, than power, unit: KW/m, point to the power that place of discharge of compressor unit volume consumes. It is the main index that the evaluation reduces functional effect.

4, the sound that noise is the generation when showing pneumatics accident goes, common unit DB(A) .

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Common parameter shows pneumatics machine