Pneumatics machine is general machine, in each the industry can be applied extensively, can saying is one of equipment with a lot of indispensable equipment, offer for the machine reduce dynamical demand. Know the client of pneumatics machine, not unfamiliar to pneumatics machine, but to the client that does not know, it is water of a mist really. It is small below make up the knowledge that shares for everybody, the hope can help great master.

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The basic idea of pneumatics machine:

Pneumatics machine is atmospheric pressure happening device is mechanical energy changeover is aeriform pressure can changeover device.

The utility of pneumatics machine:

The changeover equipment that pneumatics machine is source of power of a kind of gas, be applied each link in the life. In the building, steely, the numerous multipurpose in mining and chemical industry factory, especially the empty press of double screw type is applied extensively to be in mechanical, metallurgy, electronic electric power, medicine, pack, chemical industry, food, mining, spin, the numerous industry domain such as traffic, become reduce airy mainstream product.

How is pneumatics machine classified?

The classified method of pneumatics machine is very much, can wait for a category to undertake classified by working principle, configuration and performance data.

1, can divide by working principle it is 3 kinds big: Cubage, motivation (speed or turbine) , heating power compressor.

2, can divide by lubricant means lubricate to do not have oily pneumatics machine and engine oil pneumatics machine.

3, can divide by function for: The empty press such as low noise, alterable frequency, explosion proof.

4, can divide by utility for: Freezer compressor, air conditioning compressor, refrigeration compressor, oil field uses station of air entrainment of compressor, natural gas, charge is used, apply the brake of pneumatic tool, car is used, door window is opened shut with, spin machinery.

5, can divide by type for: Stationary, movable type, enclosed.

Cubage type compressor — the compressor that cubage of gas of direct support change will come to increase aeriform pressure.

Piston compressor — it is cubage type compressor, its compress component is a piston, reciprocate is done inside air cylinder.

Blade type compressor — it is compressor of circumgyrate type transfiguration, its axial blade is in radial is made slide on the rotor with columnar prejudicial cylinder body together. Hold back the eduction after the air between blade is compressed.

Liquid – piston compressor — it is compressor of circumgyrate cubage type, amid water or other liquid regard as the piston will compress gas, next aeriform eduction.

Screw compressor — it is compressor of circumgyrate cubage type, the rotor that amid contains helix gear twice mutual clench the teeth, make two rotor clench the teeth handles volume by big decrescent, compress gas thereby and eduction. The screw in compressor of screw type air compresses package, use newest interior of numerical control grinder is made, cooperate online laser technology, ensure production public errand is accurate and clinking. Its dependability and function can ensure the locomotive charge of compressor is inside operating period all the time extremely low. Adjusting compressor of compressor, type of an organic whole and desiccative series is the new product in L/LS series compressor.

Speed compressor — it is circumgyrate type compressor of successive air current, the lamina that amid high speed rotates makes the gas that carries it is quickened, thereby speed can translate into pressure. This kind changes partial happening rotating on blade, the part happens in fixed diffuser or circumfluence implement on fender.

Centrifugal type compressor — belong to speed compressor, amid has one or more to rotate impeller (blade is in normally flank) make gas is quickened. Advocate air current is radial.

Compressor of axial shedding type — belong to speed compressor, amid gas is quickened by the rotor of blade. Advocate air current is axial.

Mix confluent type compressor — also belong to speed compressor. The appearance of its rotor combined centrifugal type and axis to shed a few characteristics with both type.

Eject type compressor — use high speed gas or vapour gush efflux to take away inspiratory gas, be in next the pressure of speed translate into of diffuser admiral gas mixture.

Compressor of permanent magnetism frequency conversion — the characteristic of stepless speed regulation that the screw pneumatics chance that turns as a result of frequency conversion used transducer, pass controller or the PID conditioner with internal transducer, the can gently; that start compares big situation to using tolerance to fluctuate, can adjust quickly again answer.

Sheet pole reduces screw pneumatics chance — nose is the screw pneumatics plane that constitutes by rotor of a pair of yin and yang. This type is the screw pneumatics machine that uses extensively at present.

Ambipolar reduce screw pneumatics chance — nose is by two pairs of yin and yang rotor is comprised, gas is compressed through one class 2 class are entered to compress after ending, compression ratio is high, power relatively and compress pneumatics machine to reduce an archives.

Machine of pneumatics of frequency conversion of ambipolar permanent magnetism — the new-style and energy-saving product that develops after 2014, frequency conversion of combinative permanent magnetism and ambipolar compress a technology, have very tall energy-saving efficiency.

In last few years the rapid development of pneumatics machine technology, be in energy-saving, the respect that do not have oil is reflected particularly apparent, offer phyletic and various pneumatics machine product to the client. In the meantime, the country is advocated energetically energy-saving, environmental protection, this also offerred chance for the development of pneumatics machine.