Rotary Screw Air Compressor is an important production power providing equipment, scientific selection and purchase is very important for users. This issue launched the air compressor selection of six major considerations, for your scientific energy saving, to provide a strong power for production.

1、Consider the exhaust pressure and exhaust volume

Select the air volume of the air compressor to match the required exhaust volume, leaving at least 10% margin. If the distance between the air-using end and the air compressor is far, or if there is a budget for adding a small amount of new pneumatic tools in the near future, the margin can be increased to 20%.
If the air consumption is large and the exhaust volume of the air compressor is small, it will not drive the air-using tool. If the air consumption is small but the exhaust volume is large, it will make the air compressor increase the number of additions and removals, or the air compressor will run at low frequency for a long time, causing energy waste.
The formula for air compressor selection is:

Air demand = will be all tools + machine equipment + related process air consumption + leakage + wear + future air use + use factor (1.1 to 1.2) .

In addition, in the selection of the exhaust volume should also take into account the peak amount and the usual amount and the trough amount, the air consumption of the section is stable or fluctuating, for example: A workshop production pressure and air consumption is basically flat, the air compressor needs to be open, industrial frequency series or permanent magnet series can be; B workshop air consumption and pressure fluctuations are relatively large, air equipment part of the permanent open, the choice of permanent magnet series is more suitable, such as a number of workshops with air consumption If the amount of air used by several workshops is not uniform, multiple air compressors with smaller exhaust volume are connected in parallel to obtain larger exhaust volume, and they are turned on one by one as the amount of air used increases, so as to save energy.
If the pressure difference is too great, the compressor should be purchased with different pressure, and the pressure should not be reduced to increase the cost.

2、Consider energy efficiency and power ratio

The energy efficiency level of air compressor is evaluated by the specific power value, i.e. the power of air compressor/air compressor output.

3、Consider the occasion and condition of using gas

If the ventilation condition is good and the installation space is available, the air-cooled compressor is more suitable; if the air consumption is large and the water quality is good, the water-cooled compressor is more suitable.

4、Consider the quality of air compression

Compressed air quality, need to look at the production of products, production equipment and pneumatic tools depending on the demand. Compressed air is not up to standard, the light will lead to a decline in the quality of goods, heavy damage to production equipment, but not the higher the purity the better, excessive purity of compressed air, one is the increased cost of equipment procurement, the second is to increase the waste of electricity.

5、Consider the safety of air compressor operation

Air compressor is a kind of machine working with pressure, and the storage tank of more than 1 cubic meter is a special production equipment, the safety of its operation should be put in the first place.
When selecting an air compressor, the user must check the production qualification of the air compressor manufacturer to ensure the quality of the air compressor.

6、Consider the manufacturer’s after-sales service

The maintenance within the warranty period is the responsibility of the manufacturer or the service provider, but there are still some unknown factors in the process of use, and whether the after-sales service is timely and the maintenance level is professional when the air compressor fails is a matter of concern to the user.