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21 06, 2024

The life of pneumatics machine is how many years

2024-06-21T09:45:49-07:00June 2024|Categories: Air Compressor Trends|

The requirement such as brand actual strength and care and maintenance can improve the service life of screw pneumatics machine effectively, is the life of machine of general screw pneumatics how many years? Pneumatics machine price is higher the product quality of empty to what buy press often can have very high demand, when a lot of enterprises are bought, hope pneumatics machine uses time to grow better more,

20 06, 2024

Compressor, pneumatics machine, pump 3 person what distinction is there?

2024-06-20T13:45:49-07:00June 2024|Categories: Air Compressor Trends|

Compressor, pneumatics machine, pump 3 person is there distinction? It is to have of course! You encounter a kind of such situations, the compressor of the search, it is the relevant knowledge that wants to understand pneumatics opportunity obviously, but see, is to make the cryogen, machine that make nitrogen, pump, air-blower wait however. Actually compressor of pneumatics machine ≠ . Today by small make up solve for you

19 06, 2024

Pneumatics machine also divides class, high school is cheap each have the market, be afraid of be afraid of shoddy!

2024-06-19T17:45:49-07:00June 2024|Categories: Air Compressor Trends|

The class of screw pneumatics machine is mixed for us today price difference, the hope can give through this article want to purchase pneumatics aircraft you are trifling help. Doorsill of production of screw pneumatics engine is not low, belong to a country to produce permissive industry compulsively (already cancelled 2019) , manufacturer home must have requirement of all ready hard, software (basic hard

18 06, 2024

Air compressor is energy-saving latent capacity and empty press are energy-saving technology

2024-06-18T21:45:49-07:00June 2024|Categories: Air Compressor Trends|

Pneumatics machine, namely air compressor. It is prime mover (it is electromotor normally) mechanical energy is changed into aeriform pressure can device, it is to compress airy atmospheric pressure to produce device. Actually, the electric energy that air compressor wastes is only 10% changeover are compress air, and heat energy of 90% translate into. However the factory compresses air to make the same score

18 06, 2024

Air compressor has what compressor, choose after all which good?

2024-06-18T01:45:49-07:00June 2024|Categories: Air Compressor Trends|

Air compressor, main job is to compress gas, air compressor has a lot of kinds, we will see its classification. 1, piston compressor, respecting piston, everybody does not think, the hair idea of the car also is use piston motion, it also uses motion of piston of move back and forth to compress gas. 2, blade type compressor, its advocate

17 06, 2024

The distinction of centrifugal pneumatics machine and screw pneumatics machine

2024-06-17T05:45:49-07:00June 2024|Categories: Air Compressor Trends|

Titanium spirit is special compressor is small write the introduction about centrifugal the contrast with screw pneumatics machine, basically include the actor defect of both, dot of similarities and differences, reach use situation. 1, centrifugal pneumatics machine: Pointing to the aeriform motion in pneumatics machine is an edge perpendicular undertake at the radial of pneumatics crankshaft. 2, working principle: It is working annulus is in gyral process, by

16 06, 2024

Empty press ABC is nodded ” dried food “

2024-06-16T09:45:49-07:00June 2024|Categories: Air Compressor Trends|

The classification of 1. compressor, by exhaust pressure different compressor is divided for low-pressure compressor -- discharge baric force to be less than compressor of 1.0MPa middling pressure -- exhaust pressure compressor of high pressure of 1 ~ 10MPa -- discharge baric force compressor of superhigh pressure of 10 ~ 100MPa -- platoon

15 06, 2024

Mechanic of 6 kinds of common pneumatics makes principle and actor defect

2024-06-15T13:45:49-07:00June 2024|Categories: Air Compressor Trends|

Pneumatics machine is to compress aeriform bulk to improve aeriform pressure and the mechanical facility that transport gas, make according to working principle, pneumatics aircraft component is cubage model with speed model, cubage can divide for type of piston, screw, blade type 3 kinds; Speed can divide sort type for centrifugal type and axis two kinds. Discuss mechanic of 6 kinds of common pneumatics today

15 06, 2024

Pneumatics machine how care and maintenance? Maintain how many money?

2024-06-15T13:45:49-07:00June 2024|Categories: Air Compressor Trends|

Pneumatics function runs normally, service life is long. Good maintenance is very important. So everybody must grasp pneumatics opportunity maintain method. Undertake maintaining to pneumatics machine, must do good foundation to maintain with crucial position maintain the job. 1, new new oil must change after bought pneumatics accident goes 500 hours, like that

14 06, 2024

Pneumatics machine type selecting ” 3 big parameter ” what be?

2024-06-14T17:45:49-07:00June 2024|Categories: Air Compressor Trends|

Pneumatics machine has 3 essential factor commonly: Pressure, discharge, power. Normally manufacturer knows to be able to help user type selecting secondly. What correlation is there between them so? 1. What is the actuating pressure of pneumatics machine? The actuating pressure of pneumatics machine, domestic user often calls exhaust pressure. It is the pressure that points to gas of pneumatics machine eduction. Constant


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