Want to know above all, pneumatics machine expends report, not be the problem of pneumatics machine itself completely for certain! ! !

One, foreword

We compress air to use the current situation first: Current, our country is annual on pneumatic system power consumption is as high as 200 billion degrees of above. Our country enterprise is used in pneumatic technology in wasteful and existence efficiency on the low side, serious, energy-saving consciousness is thin wait for a problem. The pneumatic system of more than 90% has the space with 20% energy-saving above.

So why do we want energy-saving? 1) operation cost is reduced — be economical! Load the net gain of the pocket directly; 2) the execution of state law code — abide by the law! 3) the responsibility of environmental protection — defend the world! Reduce specific power consumption, reduce carbon dioxide discharge capacity.

2, compress airy costing

Reducing airy cost basically is cost of charge of electricity, the estimation that there is a general interest below is formulary:

QiAir Compressor in China