In the current rotary screw air compressor industry, inverter screw air compressor, permanent magnet inverter screw air compressor, two-stage compression permanent magnet inverter air compressor and other series are using inverter control to realize the adjustment of the air compressor frequency, stabilize the outlet pressure of the air compressor, and realize the automatic switching of air compressor equipment frequency and frequency. So, what exactly is the role of air compressor plus inverter?

The function of adding inverter

1. Rotary Screw Air compressors are generally selected according to the actual demand for cooling capacity of the designed working conditions. Generally speaking, compressors are working and running all year round, and have to straddle two extremes of weather in winter and summer, so they face relatively complex external environment, and there is inevitably – a certain deviation between the actual working conditions and the design scheme, so the compressor power will have an appropriate surplus.

2. At present, the main types of air compressor energy regulation are intermittent control operation, suction regulation, cylinder unloading, bypass regulation and infinitely variable speed regulation. Among them, intermittent operation of air compressor is the more common operation mode. When the ambient temperature is higher than the set temperature, the compressor will start running, and when the ambient temperature drops below the set temperature, the compressor will stop working. This way of operation is suitable for the situation where the ambient temperature is relatively stable and the load is not large, but in the actual use process, the ambient temperature is not constant at all times. Extreme weather and complex working environment, a variety of production activities will cause changes in the cold load, frequent temperature changes, frequent engine start and stop, will cause a large waste of energy, but also very easy to wear machine parts.

3. The generator transient current will spread all over the grid, increasing the grid fluctuation and the life of the compressor will be affected. Therefore, frequency conversion technology is also used more often in air compressors.

4态Adjust the mass flow rate by changing the compressor motor speed, thus changing the total unit cooling capacity.

Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the air compressor plus the frequency converter, the use of frequency converter to achieve effective adjustment of the frequency of the air compressor, both subjectively and objectively, is very worthwhile. It not only saves resources to a certain extent, but also improves the efficiency of the air compressor system, which can bring more profit to the enterprise.