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2022 deepness are analyticPneumatics machine

What is pneumatics machine?

Can use industry and function

Why should use pneumatics machine?

PART01Pneumatics machine

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Pneumatics plane full name is air compressor, it is the main body of gas source device. It is a kind prime mover (it is electric energy normally) mechanical energy changeover is aeriform pressure can device, it is to compress airy to enrage pressure to produce device.

? Pneumatics machine is classified

Commonly used air compressor includes plane of pneumatics of type of piston pneumatics machine, screw, machine of pneumatics of centrifugal type compressor, slip type and machine of vortex type pneumatics.

Piston pneumatics machine and machine of screw type pneumatics are the commonnest on the market. Piston pneumatics machine is the empty press that our country uses the first times. Its the composition such as primary reason connecting rod, piston, air cylinder.

However, as a result of the noise of piston pneumatics machine, too much fragile be replaced by machine of screw type pneumatics gradually.

? Pneumatics machine enrages road flow

Air filters through entering air filter, after air medium dirt or foreign matter filter are removed, enter compressor lead plane by the air valve that take energy of life, the cooling lube that enters with gush in reducing a process mixes, via compressing the oil gas gas mixture after from compress antrum to emit into canister of oil gas depart, the oiliness gas that compresses eduction right now carries collision, intercept, gravitational action, the oily medium of the majority is come down by depart, enter segregator of oil gas essence to undertake depart 2 times next, get the compression with very few oil content air, be compressed when air when formulary pressure is worth, open of valve of the least pressure, eduction compresses air to undertake cooling to condenser, final eduction sends use system.

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PART—-02Pneumatics machine uses industry and function

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The action of pneumatics machine is very much, basically be to be used atMedical treatment, factory, mine, satisfy path, artesian well to take water, conduit to try pressure, anticorrosive except rustEtc. In the factory, the motive of each factory is different.

For instance, punch factory can be used at driving punching machine, have a plenty of rinsing equipment, have a plenty of use pneumatic tool, blow vitreous bottle, our beer is blown with pneumatics machine namely. Some still undertakes carriage with pneumatics machine, I had seen some uses pneumatics accident to transport cement in dock. The utility of pneumatics machine is many.

01—— serves as motivation on industry

After air course is compressed, can use as motivation, machinery uses a tool with wind, and control appearance and automation unit, appearance control reachs automation unit, if the cutting tool of machining center changes,wait.

02—– is dissociable on chemical industry synthesize gas

After compressor of certain gas classics increases pressure, advantageous Ding Gecheng reachs group. If atmosphere and hydrogen synthesize helium, hydrogen and carbon dioxide synthesize methanol, carbon dioxide and ammoniac synthesis urea. Add polyethylene of the production below high pressure again.

03—- enhances power in the life

Pneumatics machine basically can be changed into motivation in the life, help people salvage heavy boat, aerate for tire etc.

PART—-03Why to use pneumatics machine

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Why should use pneumatics machine? Is use electric power not OK?

Answer: Some equipment can be to use report provide power, for instance this plants small electric drill. But the kinetic energy that he needs some large facility leans electric power completely is to do not have a law to satisfy, and return cost report involve cost. Offer energy to compress air to pneumatics machine with report so, reoccupy this already the kinetic energy that the air of pressurization goes to offerring his place to need to equipment. Will reduce cost with this.

A little special still device cannot use electric power to provide energy, for instance the equipment of a few tools inside mine. The natural gas that uses in the home also realizes gas to transmit with pneumatics machine.

Some facilitieses can be replaced with report, but opposite for empty still press saves cost.