Pneumatics machine has had 200 old histories since the invention, appear during satisfy requirement of all sorts of different operating mode, the empty press such as different job principle. Is so empty press how classify? The pneumatics machine classification of the mainstream has parameter property, empty press infrastructure, principle of pneumatics engine work.

Pneumatics machine parameter is classified

  • Pneumatics aircraft flow
  • Small-sized pneumatics machine: 1~10m3/min
  • Neuter pneumatics machine: 10~100m3/min
  • Large pneumatics machine: Be more than 100m3/min
  • Pneumatics machine pressure (kilogram be equal to MPa)
  • Low-pressure pneumatics machine: 0.2~1 kilogram
  • Machine of middling pressure pneumatics: 1~10 kilogram
  • High-pressured pneumatics machine: 10~100 kilogram
  • Machine of extrahigh voltage pneumatics: Be more than 100 kilograms

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Pneumatics chance construction is classified
  • Infrastructure cent is stationary pneumatics machine and mobile pneumatics machine
  • Lubricant means cent is machine of fuel injection pneumatics and machine of the pneumatics that do not have oil
  • Drive means distributes the drive that it is report and machine of derv drive pneumatics
  • Cooling means cent is machine of cold pneumatics of zephyr of water-cooling pneumatics machine

Pneumatics mechanic makes a principle classify

Classification of principle of pneumatics engine work basically has speed pneumatics machine and opportunity of cubage type pneumatics two kinds, machine of cubage type pneumatics reduces airy volume namely actually, will raise speed of air element motion to increase airy kinetic energy through compressing, raise pressure of its translate into high pressure to shrink thereby airy pressure, at present machine of common cubage type pneumatics has piston pneumatics opportunity (also have opportunity of pneumatics of a kind of reciprocating type making a way) with screw pneumatics machine, here introduced principle of work of piston pneumatics engine and screw pneumatics mechanic to make a principle. Speed pneumatics machine has opportunity of centrifugal type pneumatics commonly (use with the company with very big tolerance commonly) , the axis sheds type pneumatics machine to wait, its principle is the whirl that passes turbine realize airy kinetic energy and pressure changeover. Can reduce air through dormant diffuser pressure of translate into of kinetic energy of general of velocity of flow.