QIAIR energy-saving air compressor, focusing on energy-saving air compressor for 21 years. QIAIR air compressors mainly include twin-screw air compressor, mobile screw air compressor, inverter screw air compressor process compressor and a series of other products.

QIAIR Rotary screw compressors developed by the company, advanced design, reliable operation, high efficiency, low noise, long life, widely used in power generation, semiconductor, shipping, shipbuilding, mining, oilfield, tires and rubber, sugar, pharmaceutical, packaging, food, automotive, electronics, communications, cement, glasses, chemical, brewing, textile, paper, gas, oil refining and other fields. We have developed special gas compressors, high pressure compressors, natural gas, gas, oilfield gas, rich gas, propylene, carbon dioxide, dimethyl ether, ammonia, Freon, difluoroethane and other special industrial gases. They are commonly used in the fields of recovery, gas gathering, gas injection, line sweeping and petrochemical process flow in the areas of pressure stabilization, compression and transmission. The main products of foundation civil construction machinery include reverse circulation rock drilling rigs, pipe shaking rigs, power boxes, claw grabs and rotary drilling rigs, which are widely used in bridges, large high-rise buildings and highway foundation projects. QIAIR has obtained the technical invention patent of soil selection and sand processing machine, the technical invention patent of pipe shaking machine, the technical invention patent of reverse circulation rock drilling rig, the technical invention patent of centrifugal separator, the technical invention patent of sealing and hobbing bucket of reverse circulation rock drilling rig. We have been certified as a national high-tech enterprise and awarded as “High Quality Product”, “Outstanding Contribution Award” by Export Contribution Tower, and designated as “Export Support Enterprise” and “Technology Innovation Enterprise”. The company has been designated as “Export Support Enterprise” and “Technology Innovation Enterprise”, and received the Prime Minister’s Golden Tower Export Award. The company is committed to the continuous improvement of product performance and design requirements to meet customer requirements, thus winning the unanimous praise of customers at home and abroad. Based on the principle of customer, QIAIR is dedicated to providing professional consultation, first-class products and perfect service to every customer. In the ever-changing market, please choose your partner “QIAIR” forever!