The first element: Environmental element, district is different, temperature differs below bigger environment, have certain effect to the service life of pneumatics machine, another is all round environment when pneumatics machine is used, below the environment with for instance bigger dust, influential also to the life of pneumatics machine. The 2nd element: Care and maintenance whether on time, machine of a pneumatics is done according to the regulation maintain safeguard, so the life that its service life compares the empty press that does not make care and maintenance for certain is long. The 3rd element: The discretion of rotate speed of screw pneumatics engine and the cycle that lead plane maintains are having inevitable concern, when nose rotate speed tall, the wears away to affect bearing directly service life of bearing, exorbitant pneumatics engine rotate speed causes screw nose very easily to embrace dead condition. The 4th element: The manufacturer actual strength of the choice. Actual strength of manufacturer of screw pneumatics aircraft is different, the pneumatics machine affirmation that production comes out is different, manufacturer actual strength becomes direct ratio with the service life of screw pneumatics machine, manufacturer actual strength gifted the technical content with pneumatics higher machine, because this can appear rarely,breakdown maintains a problem. The 5th element: Manufacturing raw material.

The core component of machine of screw type pneumatics is screw rotor, and the service life of the machine of life decision pneumatics of screw rotor, the product that abroad imports often can use 15 years or so, and homebred machine just uses 5 years or so, the pneumatics machine price that why this imports namely compares the cause with homebred pneumatics machine noble price to be in. Accordingly, the empty press service life that produces a business to lengthen, when pneumatics machine is undertaking operational, must notice the following 7 big notes: 1, it is efficient and normal that need is pneumatics machine exercise builds a stable and efficient moving environment, need to maintain cleanness of the sanitation inside machine station, air so dry, ventilated result is favorable, for instance: The need such as gas tank is put in drafty avoid to be in of high temperature environment direct and roast as direct as sunshine illuminate is caused insolate, 2, its are the biggest pressure does not allow to overstep a provision value of the biggest range. 3, ensure relief valve is acute and effective. 4, in the light of gas tank, canal transporting gas must two years time is every other a cycle makes checking whether normal need to change wait to its. 5, when we start a machine, should be certainly fall without bear in its begin locomotive, when the ability after everything is normal begins to enter load to run gradually. 6, prohibit standing before pneumatics machine gas outlet person, before needing open aspirated a powerful person, should corresponding canal transporting gas in good condition maintain its unobstructed. 7, set to air compressor should stop to undertake checking immediately when these circumstances are being waited a moment when limits is worth more than when numerical value of oil of occurrence leakage of electricity, flat, leakage, slack, each ginseng, search analytic breakdown trouble removal rear recoverable move normally. The life of empty to screw press is how many years, the key depends on the manufacturer actual strength of a choice device, brand element, care and maintenance, below normal circumstance, excellent screw pneumatics opportunity uses a quality 10 years to do not have too big question.

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