Speak of pneumatics opportunity, just as its name implies also calls air compressor, it is the main body in gas source device, basically use at compressing air in modern industry, in order to achieve the goal of fracture of medicaments of the agitate size, food that make, wildcat and metallic smelt, it is the indispensable machine in industrial project. When a lot of people are selecting pneumatics engine, compare spellbound, so, The empty press of what brand is good durable still?

QiAir Compressor in China

The written explanation of pneumatics machine is: prime mover (it is electromotor normally) mechanical energy is changed into aeriform pressure can device, it is to compress airy atmospheric pressure to produce device. When selecting pneumatics engine, can pay close attention to the following:

The first, before buying many contrast, choose brand of an actual strength. The empty press that chooses research and development of group of a professional technology, is not the product of the bag outside adopting a technique, can reduce a lot of follow-up to bother so.

The 2nd, the pneumatics engine that selects Jing Yin as far as possible, specific how to choose, we take the Jing Yin that do not have oil for air compressor, its lead plane all uses compressor of piston of miniature move back and forth, when if be in,be being bought, the air compressor that the lead plane of sale introduction is not this type, can decide ground judgement is not compressor of air of the Jing Yin that do not have oil, and air quality cannot achieve quiet tone status.

The 3rd, the identifying that sees technical parameter is correct. Differ according to making a standard, the parameter with international firm rule includes metric units and US-made unit, this depends on whether is optional parameter Id mixed normally accurate. The manufacturer that has simple parameter identification cannot carry out test of parameter of this kind of technology, because they do not have relevant test,equipment or certain parameter do not accord with current technology standard. Accordingly, when the choice, the proposal purchases business to ask a sale to just offer detailed parameter, consult in order to offer oneself.

Gas gets the better of pneumatics machineManufacturing process abides by system of IS09001 international quality strictly, the welcome makes an on-the-spot investigation before broad client.