It is current that machine of screw type pneumatics and piston pneumatics machine can say two type with top rate are had on pneumatics machine market. What use earlier is basic it is piston pneumatics machine, in recent years machine of screw type pneumatics replaces piston pneumatics machine gradually, make the main trend on pneumatics machine market. So both photograph is compared, is there He You drawback?

QiAir Compressor in China

2, temperature of pneumatics machine exhaust under normal value (under 75 ℃ )

1) cooling water amount is too large;

2) environmental temperature is low;

3) without bear too long;

4) temperature sensor shows have deviation;

5) breakdown of hot control a powerful person, be in from beginning to end open the position.

3, aircrew oily bad news is big, lube adds cycle weak point or exit reduces air oil content big;

1) lube is too much, green division of oily scale of prep above of face of the oil when jockeying, the oil level when running should not the half of prep above oily scale;

2) answer vitta to jam;

3) pressure of the exhaust when aircrew moves is too low;

4) breakdown of function of check valve of a powerful person that take energy of life;

5) damaged of core of oily fine detached filter;

6) leak of cooling oily system;

7) outlet pressure keeps oil gas barrel bedspring of a powerful person is fatigue;

8) answer breakdown of vitta check valve;

9) lube norms mistake.

4, aircrew compresses tolerance to be worth under the design, outlet pressure is low

1) entrance inhaler jams;

2) start of a powerful person that take energy of life is bad, diaphragm of interior of to load a powerful person or electromagnetism a powerful person are bad;

3) outlet pressure keeps movement of a powerful person undesirable;

4) core of oily fine detached filter jams;

5) leak of pressure relief valve;

6) setting of the proportioning valve that take energy of life has by accident;

7) pass leather belt to become loose;

8) be more than aircrew actually to output tolerance with tolerance;

9) pressure sensor breakdown (control unit) .

5, aircrew exhaust pressure is exorbitant

1) breakdown of a powerful person that take energy of life;

2) breakdown of a powerful person of electromagnetism of entrance to load;

3) pressure setting is too tall;

4) pressure sensor breakdown (control unit) ;

5) pressure expresses breakdown (relay controls unit) ;

6) pressure switch breakdown (relay controls unit) .

6, aircrew cannot be started (electric breakdown)

1) fuse fusing;

2) advocate electric machinery protects relay movement;

3) the relay that start breakdown;

4) owe photograph protection relay movement;

5) contact of the pushbutton that start is undesirable, wiring is loose;

6) voltage is too low;

7) electromotor breakdown;

8) airframe breakdown;

9) without power source the input controls unit;

10) controller breakdown, pressure and temperature sensor break a string.

7, the electric current when aircrew is started is big, tripping operation of compressor proper motion (electric breakdown)

1) input voltage is too low;

2) exhaust pressure is too high, exceed rated pressure;

3) lube norms mistake;

4) core of oily fine detached filter jams;

5) lead plane breakdown;

6) advocate electric machinery breakdown;

7) star — trigonometry changeover time interval is too short (should be 10~12 second) ;

8) breakdown of a powerful person that take energy of life (open is spent too big or card is in to death open the position) ;

9) wiring becomes loose;

10) TR time relay is bad (relay controls unit) .

8, electric current of lead plane movement under normal value

1) air wastage is big (outlet pressure runs below in set value from beginning to end) ;

2) entrance air filter jams, cause movement of lead plane small negative charge;

3) start of a powerful person that take energy of life is bad, attaint of diaphragm of servo cylinder interior or electromagnetism a powerful person are bad, cause entrance a powerful person not a standard-sized sheet.

9, lead plane cannot record movement completely

1) 3 to breakdown of electromagnetism a powerful person;

2) intelligent controller breakdown;

3) start of a powerful person that take energy of life is bad;

4) servo of a powerful person that take energy of life implement burst of air cylinder diaphragm;

5) pressure keeps movement of a powerful person undesirable;

6) proportioning valve breakdown;

7) filter water cup is flat;

8) control pipeline leak.

10, switch of empty, loaded vehicle is frequent

1) pipeline is divulged;

2) the setting that press difference is too small;

3) air wastage is not stable.

11, stop mist of the oil when machine to appear from entrance inhaler

1) leak of a powerful person that take energy of life;

2) loaded vehicle stops machine;

3) 3 to movement of electromagnetism a powerful person undesirable;

4) electric circuit mistake;

5) pressure maintains leak of a powerful person;

6) relief valve not release.

12, overload of fan electric machinery

1) fan is out of shape;

2) breakdown of fan electric machinery;

3) fan electric machinery heats up relay breakdown (ageing) ;

4) wiring becomes loose;

5) condenser jams;

6) the resistance that discharge wind is great.


The judgement of breakdown and eliminate a method

1, filter of examination pneumatics machine, if have attaint, blemish or sordid air filter core, change in time attaint component; Check pneumatics machine to whether air inlet duct has twist together or be out of shape, the inner ring diameter that makes sure prop of air inlet duct has lowest to ask (proposal 15.9 millimeter above) .

2, the examination answers what whether has vitta had many to bend, twist together and obstacle. The proposal is the smallest times vitta internal diameter is (12 millimeter) . The conduit that answer oil must drop from pneumatics machine all the time inside engine crankcase.

3, check and measure annulus of pneumatics machine cylinder bushing, piston to wear away reach attaint circumstance assemble a case, wear away to answer badly grant to change.

4, the air refrigeration part that is aimed at pneumatics machine, want the smeary, cigarette ash that keeps clear of to be accumulated on carbon fin or nasty thing. The part that discovers damage should change; Check the carbon fin of attaint, the part that discovers damage should change.

The water refrigeration part that is aimed at pneumatics machine, should check proper cooling conduit measure (the smallest diameter of proposal conduit is 9.5 millimeter) , the refrigerant that checks pneumatics machine is current circumstance, in moment of engine adjustment speed, the discharge that lowest allows is minutely 5 litres. If refrigerant discharge is slow, the rust that checks cooling conduit and fittings to accumulate, twist together and limitative element.

5, examination water is warm cannot exceed 93 ℃ . Examine the gas a powerful person on receiver, it is normal to make sure they move. Proposal car equipment is automatic exhaust valve. Deploy the air that makes air dry appropriately before receiver dry device.

6, car falls without use case in brake, divulge minutely cannot exceed pressure of 6.9 1000 handkerchief to drop, minutely below use brake circumstance 20.7 1000 handkerchief. If had been divulged much, inspection system is flat repair. Whether system of examination discharge carry on one’s shoulder works and repair.

7, pressure of test engine crankcase is exorbitant, change or repair the ventilated equipment of brace axle box. Of dipstick become loose or raise the pressure that demonstrates crankcase to have a problem partly.

8, examination engine is lubricant pressure (pneumatics machine enters oily mouth to be in) , compare with rated pressure photograph.

9, change eligible lube.