One, pneumatics machine is commonly used term

? Pressure

Discharge baric force to be meter pressure in what give out on compressor nameplate normally, be not absolutely pressure.

Unit of commonly used intensity of pressure: Bar, MPa, pneumatics machine industry says ” kilogram ” it is to point to ” Bar ” , namely 1 kilogram points to 1bar namely, 1MPa (million handkerchief) =1000kPa (1000 handkerchief) , 1bar (cling to) = 0.1MPa.

? Cubage discharge

Be called again in home capacity or nameplate discharge, the aeriform cubage of the eduction inside time of pneumatics airplane unit, convert arrives the condition that take energy of life, namely inspiratory cubage, press national level, the actual capacity of pneumatics machine is nominal the ± of discharge 5% when all be qualification. M3/min of commonly used unit, L/s.

? Aeriform oil content

The oil that the compression of unit volume contains in air (include particle of oily drop, in suspension, oily steam) quality, the PPM that normally we say is weight ratio unit: PPM, of 1kg 1/1000000 for milligram.

? Pressure dew point

It is to show the gas that has constant pressure cools some temperature, the not saturated vapor that its contain turns saturated vapor into separate out, this temperature is the pressure dew point of this gas. Atmosphere dew point, it is to show in the standard atmosphere falls, aeriform refrigeration turns saturated vapor into the temperature of separate out to the not saturated vapor that makes contain, in pneumatics machine industry, dew point is denotive the dry degree that is gas.

? Than power

It is the power that shows place of discharge of compressor unit volume is used up. It is the main index that the evaluation reduces functional effect. Pneumatics machine compares power unit: KW/m3.

According to the standardGB19153-2009 ” cubage type air compresses value of functional effect demarcate to reach can effect grade “Regulation, cent of grade of pneumatics function effect is 4 class: 1 class (best class) , 2 class (energy-saving evaluation is worth) , T class (target can effect demarcate is worth) , 3 class (can effect demarcate is worth) . Among them 1 class can effect is highest, prohibit produce and be being sold under 3 class. T class is a target can effect demarcate grade, its can effect excel 3 class, already replaced 3 form at rising on December 1, 2013 can effect value.

1 class achieves international advanced level, the most energy-saving, bad news can lowest;

2 class are more energy-saving;

3 class cost can be high, it is market admittance index.

2, screw pneumatics machine is common install sketch map

QiAir Compressor in China

6, machine of switch of screw pneumatics machine operates a standard

? The note before switching on the mobile phone:

1, examination three-phase power source, it is normal to affirm.

2, open machine door lock, observe pneumatics engine oil level, right now oil level cannot under lowest, it is normal to need compensatory cooling fluid to arrive otherwise the position.

3, open controller power source, observe liquid crystal shows to there is as good as to often show on screen. Show ” equipment already stopped machine ” , it is normal to express.

4, open pneumatics machine to export valve.

5, above examination is not had by accident hind, can press pneumatics machine starts key-press, namely (ON) key-press, pneumatics machine can work normally.

? Locomotive note:

1, after switching on the mobile phone, should observe pneumatics accident turns 3 ~ 5 minutes. Observation has as good as constant noise and vibration, have wait without leak oil, gas, answer to stop machine examination instantly otherwise.

2, move there all is pressure inside the pipeline in turning and container, forbidden and loose pipeline or embolism, and open needless valve.

3, should notice to observe oil level in movement. The oil level when the machine runs drops somewhat than stopping machine hind, belong to normal phenomenon. Cannot see oil level, and when exhaust temperature is as high as 100 to spend, should stop instantly machine. Stop machine oil level of the observation after 10 seconds, if inadequacy waits for lube of the complement when pressure is not being had inside the system;

4, after gas is cooled by condenser, can produce certain condensate, should time discharge, otherwise inside the system after water branch is taken by gas; Put water time to be able to adjust neatly according to weather reason, platoon, general summer is more frequent.

5, in locomotive process, should record the parameter such as temperature of exhaust of pressure of gas of voltage, electric current, export, exit, oil level everyday at least, offer what overhaul reference in the future to use.

? Stop machine note:

1, press OFF bolts above all, controller of the intelligence after 15 seconds presses 10 ~ beforehand program jockeys. Electromotor just can stop. Avoid carry on one’s shoulder of pneumatics plane heavy load to fall to stop directly machine;

2, when necessary, press stop switch urgently (gules key-press) , cut off advocate accuse implement with contactor power source.

3, pneumatics machine stays machine hind, cannot start immediately, need to wait for 1~2 or so minutes, wait for a system to discharge in-house pressure automatically empty, weigh bear to start attaint electric machinery in case.

4, after pneumatics machine is being debugged, mix pressure according to actual condition other parameter mix up, set for full automatic control mode. Usually, the user need not be adjusted by oneself.

7, lubricating oil of screw pneumatics engine

? Action

Antirust and lubricant, anticorrosive, sealed, cooling, clean.

? Classification

General by base oil and additive two parts are comprised, constant cent is oil of mineral oil, synthesis, light, medium, heavy burden carries on his shoulder or back 3 level.

? Choose

L-DAG, viscosity 15# , 22# , 32# , 46# , 69# , 100#

L-DAH, viscosity 32# , 46# , 32A# , 46A# .

? Note

Prohibit differring brand, model mixes use, ban new old mix with, must change in time.

8, screw pneumatics machine is common breakdown

? High temperature or high temperature breakdown stop machine

Inferior oil or oil are tasted undesirable, be short of oil; Oily filter jams or oil path not free; Breakdown of fan electric machinery (contactor breakdown) ; Empty filter jams; Temperature sensor is out of order; Condenser comes loose hot undesirable or carbon fin jams; Lukewarm breakdown charging a powerful person; Lead plane attaint.

? Overall oily amount of bad news oil is large

Blame exhaust oil content is high: Lubricant pipeline leak or weather strip invalidation; Oil content is high: Answer vitta expedite; Oily area is too high; Long-term low pressure moves; Oil assigns be no longer in force; Oil tastes emulsification or metamorphism; Accurate filter invalidation; Add uninstall too frequent.

? Electric equipment breakdown

Movements of electric equipment share is normal (voltage on the high side, on the low side, contactor is undesirable) ; Electric machinery breakdown; Mains switch contact is undesirable.

? Blame is normal stop machine

Blame overload stops machine: High temperature stops breakdown of machine, power source, wiring to become loose, loop relay or insurance breakdown. Overload stops machine: Exhaust pressure is exorbitant, hot relay viscosity of breakdown, lube greatens, advocate electric machinery breakdown, electric machinery or contactor wiring become loose, value of lead plane breakdown, set slants small.

Maintenance current affairs shuts power source, complete discharge to press please surely.