The action of pneumatics machine reachs applied domain

The main effect of pneumatics machine is the changeover facility that reduces air to raise aeriform pressure to regard motivation as the source through lead plane. As the change of technical iteration and demand, a variety of type pneumatics machine appeared on the market. Pneumatics aircraft equipment also is like in all trades and professions by wide application machinery is made, the domain such as medicine, food, semiconductor, building, chemical industry, metallurgy, spin. Machine of the first pneumatics at the beginning of 19 centuries (machine of reciprocating type piston) come out in England, experienced 200 years we still can see piston pneumatics machine apply setting, pneumatics machine 100 divisions share this article to everybody.

Piston pneumatics engine is main component and action

Basic structure basically has opportunity of piston machine pneumatics the airframe of stable equipment, supply dynamic electric machinery to piston pneumatics machine, crankshaft, connecting rod, crossed first class is driven through electric machinery roll do rotate or move back and forth moves point-blank, drive a piston finally to move inside air cylinder.

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Piston pneumatics mechanic makes a principle

Piston pneumatics machine is to pass electric machinery roll to drive crankshaft whirligig, connecting rod joins crankshaft is whirligig changeover reciprocate, the final crosshead, piston action in connecting rod issues implementation reciprocate.

Reciprocate and principle tear open solution, in reciprocate process crankshaft of piston center distance is apart from recently when (call next dead centre commonly or leave dead center) from a powerful person that take energy of life right now inspiratory gas is full of air cylinder, the piston begins to compress and a powerful person that take energy of life is shut. The gas in the air cylinder in piston campaign process is compressed ceaselessly pressure increases ceaselessly, the gas that compresses when pressure reachs fair value carries exhaust valve on the head, enter gas tank to perhaps use gas end through aeriform pipeline. When piston center motion arrives when distance crankshaft distance is farthermost (call top dead centre commonly or go up dead center) the piston is in of connecting rod drive next beginning that go to to wind campaign, outside entering gas a powerful person to be opened right now, ministry gas enters air cylinder and exhaust valve is shut, till piston center distance crankshaft is apart from the piston when recently to begin to go to again a motion, so constant motion will be external inspiratory air cylinder has gas compress eduction, this is the working principle of piston pneumatics machine.