Another lost person of the same trade

Recently two days, pneumatics machine industry group in circulate a such 2 dimension are piled up. A lot of people may not want to attend a meeting this compressor business is enraged in knowing Jiangxi with such means.

QiAir Compressor in China
Introduce according to network data: Limited company of equipment of machinery of the gas in Jiangxi is compressor of air of design of a collect, production, sale and service create a company at the internationalization of an organic whole. The company held water in July 2017, be located in Jiangxi to save city of state of another name for Jiangxi Province to search garden of black county industry (base of industry of rare earth new material) , the area that use the land is 188766.49 ㎡ (about 283 mus) , total investment amounts to 600 million yuan, have many 200 stuff now, have group of oneself research and development, stuff is had after building 800.

The proprietor of an enterprise should be produced energy-saving model compressor of screw type air, its use domestic advanced technique to have production, year after year of the body after building total put into production produces scale of production of compressor of 120000 energy-saving air.

QiAir Compressor in China
Data chart

According to last year on August 26, jiangxi is saved ” court of people of the county that find black holds the post of limited company of equipment of machinery of the gas in Jiangxi to go bankrupt about be being chosen publicly reforming goes bankrupt supervisory announcement ” intermediary carry on, limited company of equipment of machinery of the gas in Jiangxi registers fund 100 million RMB, legal representative forest XX, hold 99.99% . Position of company dwelling place saves city of state of another name for Jiangxi Province to search garden of black county industry at Jiangxi. (at present, its two partner are labelledBreak his promise to be carried out person. )

Company type is finite liability company (the natural person invests or accuse a) , company scope of operations: Research and development, design, production, rent, sale air compressor and spare parts, pressure vessel, vavuum pump, expand system of cabinet of machine of machine, air-blower, pressure boost and spare parts, drier, filter, electric machinery and fittings; Those who offer afore-mentioned products is full automatic control whole set of equipment of compositive, appearance; Offer air compressor full automatic product line and the research and development that control software, production, installation and sale and imports and exports; Offer reach assistance empty atmospheric pressure to shrink construction of machine station project.

Came on November 1, 2019 during July 8, 2021, Mechanical equipment limited company is enraged in JiangxiBecause build dispute of engineering construction contract, business contract dispute, contract dispute,reach labor dispute to wait early or late33 cases, carry out by this courtyard put on record, of total executive bid21409427.9 yuan. But already stopped to manage as a result of this company, its are main the construction that belongings is in plot for this company uses ground access, workshop, mechanical equipment to wait, bring about 33 afore-mentioned cases to fail to carry out entirely, close half the number is in terminative executive condition.

The issue of contract of construction project construction that involves company of a thousand years among them one case, this courtyard pays money of project of company of a thousand years seven million five hundred and twenty thousand five hundred yuan at the company is being enraged in the court decision, after adjudicating become effective, company of a thousand years applied for to carry out on April 20, 2020, put forward to its “Go bankrupt applicationBook ” when stop, case money fails to carry out reach the designated position.

QiAir Compressor in China
Many economy risk

Check from look forward to check wait for platform to be able to see, the gas in Jiangxi and very much business produce economic issue, is mostly with in gas is in debt the form forms.

QiAir Compressor in China
Risk of pneumatics machine industry cannot be ignored

Although pneumatics machine industry is a relatively stable traditional industry, dan Jifeng is not nearly nonexistent. Do poineering work blindly or enlarge is produced, the risk is very big. To prevent to break couplet, must note the following risk please:

(one) risk of macroscopical economic fluctuation

Pneumatics machine regards important air as power plant, application all invests the photograph correlation such as dimensions with macroscopical economy, fixed assets, because this is empty,the whole of circumstance of outstanding achievement of battalion of already of press look forward to and macroscopical economy runs a circumstance to have stronger dependency. If macroscopical economy environment, policy produces prospective country,major change, macroscopical economy appears periodic wave motion or economic growth rate put delay, and the enterprise fails to fluctuate to the market demand that brings from this form reasonable the production that anticipate and adjusts a company accordingly runs strategy, criterion the production of company future manages the adverse effect with will get certain with gain ability.

(2) risk of market competition aggravate

If pneumatics aircraft company is irretentive oneself competitive advantage, criterion the enterprise often may is faced with greatly risk of market competition aggravate. If the enterprise cannot be made to market competition,adjust quick response, in time optimize a product structure, ceaseless roll out the product that accords with market demand, criterion the enterprise will be in intense market is in very adverse position in competition.

(3) innovation management venture

If pneumatics aircraft company cannot dog in time,the industry grows a tendency, judgement of sex of the look up before failing to be made to industry change, fail to be answered quickly hold tendency of the market definitely with essence of life, the likelihood such as ability of ability of capacity of development of new product, manufacturing technology innovation, product quality control cannot get used to the market to develop way, bring about an enterprise to lose market competition ability gradually, suffer a defeat to did not compete bury next foreshadowing.