The classification of 1. compressor, by exhaust pressure cent is different compressor

Low-pressure compressor — exhaust pressure is less than 1.0MPa

Middling pressure compressor — exhaust pressure 1 ~ 10MPa

High-pressured compressor — exhaust pressure 10 ~ 100MPa

Extrahigh voltage compressor — exhaust pressure is more than 100MPa

2. air and compress air

Airy composition: Nitrogen 78% , oxygen 21% , argon is enraged 0.93% , carbon dioxide 0.03% , neon is enraged 0.0018% , the toxic gas such as sulfur of other inert gase, moisture and dust, 2 oxidation, carbon monoxide.

Compressing air is the pressure that shows it is certain to have, had undertaken handling to the dust in air, moisture but second birth the sources of energy. Pressure, discharge, temperature is to compress airy 3 main index. Quantity of dry airy element is 28.96, the density when 0 ℃ , 760mmHg is 1.293g/m3.

QiAir Compressor in China

3. measurement unit

Appearance of tally of particle of pressure watch, thermometer, dust, dew point.

4. noun explanation

1. dew point: Saturated air is in below constant pressure maintain vapor to divide what pressure reduces temperature to make below changeless circumstance to achieve saturated status. (written guarantee namely dew condensate separate out) , right now temperature calls dew point temperature.

2. compression ratio: Of compressor exhaust pressure and the absolutely pressure that take energy of life than.

3. absolutely pressure is to consider with complete vacuum or absolutely 0 values are compared, the environmental air that we live has the absolutely pressure of 0.1MPa.

4. air pressure: Measure atmospheric pressure. Watch of pressure of absolutely pressure = shows pressure + atmosphere force.

5. saturated air: Should do not have again much hydrosphere to be able to be accommodated when air is medium, produced airy saturation, any pressurization and the separate out that drop in temperature to all can cause condenser water.

6. often presses air: Stipulate pressure is 0.1MPa, the air that temperature issues for 36% condition for 20 ℃ , relative humidity is normal air.

7. standard reference conditions: Stipulate inspiratory pressure is 0.1MPa, temperature offers the air of user system for what 0 ℃ condition falls.