The option of pneumatics machine is very important to the enterprise, how to choose ability not to make mistake? Many coming round is encountered before the client of inquiry, the mouth asks a machine how many money, ask him need to he how old also does not know right-down. Issueing us in this kind of circumstance cannot offer the price. You must be gotten tell us production need is how old what does pressure is measured compatibly or the business produce, we just can help you configure. So had divided should be clear that company production need is how old still need to be clear about the following outside pressure:

1, power and capacity size admit really

How does capacity decide? Directer method is to use electric machinery power / 6= produces tolerance. Pressure, power, capacity this 3 person have certain connection, pressure is higher, capacity is smaller, power is greater, capacity is larger. Can according to oneself effective demand comes the pneumatics machine that the choose and buy suits him company to use tolerance, how to if not be clear about,choose can seek advice from manufacturer.

2, pneumatics aircraft type is decided really

At present type of aircraft of the pneumatics on the market has a lot of, for example: Piston machine, screw machine, permanent magnetism machine, average machine, 2 class are compressed… etc. Face so much choice, a lot of users often do not know how to be chosen. Actually pneumatics machine type selecting is to need to consider product line to whether be balanced with tolerance only, whether to have peak value and cereal value. At present the user on the market is used more is screw pneumatics machine, its structure simple, fault rate is low, small, service life grows noise. Of course if the enterprise uses tolerance lesser can use piston machine completely actually, low-cost, bulk is small, easy portable. Of course it also is put in certain defect, noise is big.

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3, pneumatics computer room is decorated

Of equipment of pneumatics machine machine place offer everybody Z is rare between equipment a meter space, enter air feed quantity and natural ventilation in order to satisfy machine equipment, the machine should place the horizontal in evenness to go up, the nature that preserves a computer room is ventilated with cleanness, next must machine of pneumatics of care and maintenance runs goodly with holding unit condition.

The need when introducing to buy pneumatics machine above masters a few are nodded. The industry differs to ask to the pressure of aircrew also is not identical, for instance, the pressure that laser cut industry needs generally is 16 kilograms are controlled; Some industries need to achieve 0.7~0.8MPA only can; Pressure crosses small conference to make the problem such as baric inadequacy is created on production; Pressure is exorbitant the addition that also can cause manufacturing specific power consumption, so the size of pressure wants and company production matchs.