A lot of person thinks pneumatics machine is pump, for pood, its fundamentality is unaltered and same, but be in actual structure or distinguish somewhat, according to relevant data show, the amazed exhaust of pneumatics machine has valve, and the exhaust of pump is general it is direct. Better to can allow authority divisional high pressure does not have oily pneumatics machine is amiable the distinction of pump, below filter of popular science Ke Chao is small make up will to everybody be analysed where is there to differ between them.


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High pressure presses without oily sky machine is amiable the distinction of pump:

1, state the meaning is different: Pump namely air pump, close from the space removes air or from close the space adds airy a kind of device. High pressure does not have oily pneumatics machine namely air compressor, it is the facility that a kind of in order to reduces gas.

2, working principle is different: The working principle of pump is engine passes crankshaft of pump of two V-belt drive, thereby drive piston undertakes encouraging, the gas that makes is passed guide tracheal guide receiver. The working principle that high pressure does not have oily pneumatics machine is pneumatics mechanic when making, air is passed from clean type inhaler by inspiratory, clean filter automatically through PLC, air enters one class to compress after course entrance guide vane is self-adjusting.

3, utility is different: The pump of utility report take offense of pump is used at pneumatic to make gum, the car aerates wait for pump of; hand take offense to be used at fill balloon may pump of take offense of foot of; of young toy of filled type pneumatic is used at the bicycle to encourage, fill enrages young toy of ball or pneumatic. High pressure presses the application of machine to use a tool at wind without oily sky, spanner of charge, pneumatic pick, pneumatic, pneumatic gush is used in arenaceous; air-jet loom compress air waft weft to reach automation unit in order to replace control of clip; appearance, if the cutting tool of machining center changes,wait, the refrigeration that produces high-pressured air to be used at adding workpiece and dry.

4, phyletic and different: Pump of pump of take offense of the phyletic and electric pump of pump, hand, crural take offense. The sort that high pressure does not have oily pneumatics machine can divide by working principle it is 3 kinds big: Cubage, motivation (speed or turbine) , heating power compressor, still can be classified of course by lubricant means and function.

After seeing afore-mentioned explanation, press without oily sky to high pressure is machine amiable the distinction of pump is everybody be clear at a glance? If do not have oily empty press to still have the place with not obvious what to high pressure, the welcome leaves a message the staff member that consults us.